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Dr Shalini Mehta


SAI KIRAN INSTITUTE of Vedic sciences has been established since year 2002. Various services are provided keeping in view the vision and the mission of our founder Mrs. SHALINI MEHTA. We are providing consultation, coaching and courses in various subjects like Astrology, Vastu, numerology, palmistry and handwriting analysis.

Dr. Shalini Mehta is the founder of Sai Kiran Institute, she has been in this field for more than 26 years. She is professionally qualified in the fields of Astrology, Vastu, Karmkand, Palmistry, Numerology, Handwriting analysis, NLP, and hypnotherapy.

In addition to all this various poojas and Anusthans are performed by the highly scholars and teachers of Karmakand. We also encourage the spread of natural and organic lifestyle of having onboard esteemed yoga with vast experience and native cure therapists. Also lectures in Geeta and other dharma shastras are organised at fixed time intervals.

We are actively engaged in strengthening the pillars of our society, the younger generation by helping them , have a strong mental and spiritual foundation which can help in each individuals personal growth and positive contribution towards enriching the society.


With our skills in the field of Astrology, Vaastu, and Mind Programming, we help them face the challenges with equanimity and poise and come out of the situation victorious, and then we mentor them to design the blueprint for their personal growth, inner peace, and harmony so that they can live a life of blissful freedom and empowered life on an autopilot.


My team compromises with the learned scholars in the field of spirituality and dharma shastras.


Life transforming guidance through Vastu and astrology consultation and classes brought to you by highly qualified, trained (via guru and shishya parampara) and experienced Astrology and Vastu experts. These shastras are self introspective tools.

Which helps an individual in personal and spiritual growth and lead a very productive and fruitful life. We help you plan and improve your career by identifying and treating the challenges or roadblocks to your success. Peak health and enriching relationships help you lead a highly empowered and successful life.

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